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We believe in agility as a way to empower people and companies.

We are an agile company that seeks to disseminate our culture and methodologies with companies that are interested in continuous improvement of their processes and results.

We identify the right professionals and act as mentors throughout the process, because we believe in the collective, in people, in delivering value in short cycles and in continuous improvement.

We want to take care of knowledge professionals, that is, people responsible for activities whose execution is complex, creative and unpredictable, different from linear production. We believe that work has to be a pleasurable part of people’s lives and, therefore, we offer suitable environments for work and professional development.

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A big challenge, because many wBrainers are present in the culture of other companies, working daily in them, and we always seek to ensure that everyone has a sustainable work environment (one of our values). This care for knowledge workers was reflected in this certification.

O2 - Organic Organization

Here we don’t have a hierarchical management structure, in short, we don’t have heads of people. No individual decision should be stronger than the collective decision. Remember that it is organic and constantly adapting, that says a lot of what we believe.

Continuous evolution

Individual Mentoring: to enhance performance, focusing on the individual and developing hard and soft skills.
Client mentoring: for strategic action and sharing of learnings and challenges.
wCase: for exchanging experiences between experts.
wTalk: free themed content sharing.
wSoft: development of solft skills.


A gamification where you have autonomy in management, with delivery of “MeritUs” to other wbrainers and “MeritUs” for courses/trainings that make sense for your moment.


We are looking for diversity. We believe that diversity has several benefits, including a team with more positive results, because the work environment becomes stimulating and welcoming.


Agility courses developed in partnership with K21, all these courses are available to wBrainers.


We are a restless company, we are always looking for improvements and with the organic organization you have space to always bring the new.

Active voice

We value our horizontal environment, where everyone can contribute, criticize and propose new solutions. We are O2!

a W is missing in this brainer

Temos vagas em aberto para nosso time e também para empresas parceiras que buscam uma transformação/evolução.

Pleno ou Sênior

Atuar no desenvolvimento com desempenho, segurança e automatização de testes.

Especificar e propor ferramentas para testes, avaliação de desempenho e funcionalidades do produto.

Ótimo se chegar com experiência em linguagem Gherkin.

Desenvolvedor Backend - Ruby


Atuar no desenvolvimento com desempenho, segurança e automatização de testes. 

Planejar e implementar os cenários de testes, baseando-se nos requisitos do produto. 

Especificar e propor ferramentas para testes, avaliação de desempenho e funcionalidades do produto.

Ótimo se chegar com experiência em linguagem Gherkin.

Agile Coach


Influenciar a tomada de decisão do time baseada nas métricas de produtividade, qualidade e eficácia. Desenvolver a transparência das atividades do time por meio da gestão visual.

Estimular a melhoria contínua das atividades e processos do time. Capacitar times e áreas para que identifiquem gargalos em seus processos por meio de indicadores de gestão.

Ótimo se chegar com experiência em: gestão de conflitos e OKRs.


Trabalhar de forma colaborativa com equipes multidisciplinares no design de soluções em todas as etapas.

Desenvolver interfaces, protótipos e fluxos para plataformas web e mobile.

Realizar pesquisas, mapeamento, desenho de jornadas e blueprints.

Levantar e utilizar dados disponíveis para embasar a construção de soluções.

Desenvolvedor Mobile Android



Trabalhar com BDD, TDD e pull request, promovendo um code review constante.

Trabalhar com o método de desenvolvimento incremental.

Ótimo se chegar com experiência em: Jenkins, Bluetooth API, MVP, Mockito, powerMock, Android NDK, SonarQube, Cucumber, automação com Espresso, Kotlin e TDD.

our world...

We have a lot more where we live, in addition to people, we develop tools

Allows the creation of discussion spaces (boards or lists), in real time, for remote and collaborative teams.

It trains online people and companies interested in Transforming through Agility.

Helps you in your day-to-day answering questions about Agility and suggesting themes for dynamics. A bot that learns and teaches.

It identifies the Agility level of a team and creates an Agile Radar for periodic monitoring with a focus on continuous improvement.

It offers content through posts that show our daily lives, cases of success or not, among other things.

Finds a team’s gaps and automatically creates a customized learning trail for each member.