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We have the right people and tools to deliver much more results in short cycles.

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Big companies trust wbrain and are already transformed with our help

Nossas ferramentas


The system was created to serve wbrain within the pandemic scenario (Covid-19). With the result achieved, we decided to open the entire agile community, so that people could connect with others, create communities and expand their projects. This is a wbrain commitment to the entire agilist community.

Skill Points

We were able to identify, through a questionnaire, the points that need to be improved and we deliver a personalized trail so that the skills are enhanced according to each professional.


With the tool we generate a team’s radar and we are able to identify the strongest and weakest points. This can direct the team manager to further enhance the gaps that are relevant to the team’s profile.

wCoach -
the agile bot

A virtual assistant that helps you answer questions about Agile, recommends dynamics for agile teams and more.

Why wbrain

Find out why companies like Natura, Itaú, Gerdau, Whirpool and many others prefer wbrain.

We Care for People

We monitor the daily lives of our specialists on a weekly basis in your company and offer constant feedback, mentoring and training to allocate wBrain professionals.


We know in depth the agile universe, our community and its talents. We are active and specialized. We maintain a network of professionals in partnership with large companies.

Its Culture with Agile Seasoning

Immersion in the culture of your company starts in the first hours of work. We give full support to your Onboarding and add to it the wBrain Culture where we practice the values of Agility on a daily basis.

Large customers experience

We have already worked in teams of major partners, from different segments, such as Natura, Itaú, Gerdau, Whirpool, Alelo and others.

Agility Specialists

Regardless of the seniority of the professional to be allocated, everyone already has the culture of Agility in their veins and will be able to help in the adoption and evangelization of Agile in your company.

Powered By K21

We are a spin off of the company specialized in K21 agility. With a presence in several countries, it focuses on Business Agility and Agile Transformation.

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We have the right people and tools to deliver much more results in short cycles.

Do as Itaú, Natura, Gerdau, Whirpool, VR, Rede D’or and many others. Call the wbrain.