we believe in agility as a way to empower people and companies

Boosting knowledge workers

We are an agile company that seeks to disseminate our culture and methodologies to companies that are interested in the continuous improvement of their processes and results.

We identify the right professionals and act as mentors throughout the process, because we believe in the collective, in people, in the delivery of value in short cycles and in continuous improvement.

Continuous Evolution of Experts

Individual Mentoring

to enhance performance,
focusing on the individual and developing hard and soft skills.
(biweekly or on demand)

Mentoring by Client

for strategic action and sharing learnings and challenges


to exchange experiences between experts


sharing content with free theme


soft skills development

Most people have had some unpleasant experience in their jobs. And as wbrain has a purpose of “empowering knowledge workers”, we are always taking care and working to have an environment that is within our values.

But we just wanted to take that out of our speech and be able to prove to everyone that this is all part of our day-to-day lives. But how? Once again giving voice to who is most important: the wbrainers.

And we did it, we were certified in GPTW. We are very happy because it is a collective achievement.

Great Place to Work® is a global consultancy that supports organizations to achieve better results through a culture of trust, high performance and innovation.

our values

Be transparent

show the motivations behind your actions.

Be Flexible

adapt to uncertainty scenarios.

Be Sustainable

knowing that you contribute in a healthy way to the collective.

Be Funny

practice what feeds your soul.

To Respect

act consciously so as not to hurt people.

Be Better

generate more valuable than ordinary ones.

What they say about wbrain

We have many challenges in the Bank’s People Area and working with agility in this context is bringing us a lot of learning. The partnership with wbrain has been consolidating, as we work continuously and as a team, experimenting with methods, tools and practices in the daily lives of our employees. Wbrain is agile and uncomplicated. Search for the best people for your context, monitor, continuously improve, bring and receive constant feedback. An easy company to work with. It has been a great pleasure to work with these professionals. Thank you for the partnership!

Renata Fiorante Veloni
Leader of Digital Transformation and HR Change Management at Banco Itaú Unibanco

I have had good experience in the partnership with the company wBrain and with the provision of professional services. There is a commitment to forming agile teams and leveraging agile maturity.

Fabiana Leite
Agility COE - MIIS - Natura

Our partnership with wBrain is no longer recent, but in our team it started just over 1 month ago and we have already reaped the fruits of it. WBrain has supported us in the ramp-up of teams in the adoption and maturity of agile practices through coach, training and qualification towards the journey of digital transformation. It has been a great pleasure to work with people committed to our purpose who are part of the wBrain team. Thank you for the partnership.

Fernanda Morato
Agility COE - Plat. Digital - Natura

As the company had already done a pre-work on the agile transformation, it was very important to carry out a diagnostic and awareness work regarding the maturity of the teams, revalidate concepts in order to correct some deviations, and outline the necessary plans for a high place performance by teams and individuals. We have had cases of people giving new meaning to their careers, and of professionals who were resistant to agile, now fully open and engaged in transformation. The crucially important part of this work and the greatest differential is the connection with people, which brings engagement on the part of them to transform themselves, promoting organic growth for the company.

Jorge Marcondes
Agile Coach wbrain - Natura

In the case of the Itaú People’s Area, we have a mixed team with bank Agilists and Wbrain Agilists and I see that this is a great strength that the team has to act there, they help us by giving context in several aspects: culture, history of bank events, structure. On our side, we take an external view also in several ways, for example: knowledge of the market and experience in other contexts, questions and observations that, for those who are inserted in the structure, environment and culture of the bank, it is certainly more difficult to obtain. Any agile transformation is challenging, in the case of AP it becomes more interesting as well as being agile in HR, we are talking about the HR of the largest bank in Latin America, with approximately 600 people, bigger than many companies established in the market.

Marcelo Leitão
Agile Coach wbrain - Itaú

I was privileged to have the partnership of WBRAIN and K21 in the New Digital Program, the development program in search of programmers for FASTPROBR. They showed excellence from the selection of candidates, with the interpersonal skills desired by our company, to the professionalization of young people according to the required technical fundamentals, especially taking into account the essential need for an innovative profile for the qualification of the professional. I can only be thankful for the enthusiasm in serious, focused and competent work. Certainly a reference in this segment and a social example for the transformation of lives through inclusion in the job market.

Alfredo Maruffa

In addition to people,
we develop tools


Finds the gaps of a team, and automatically creates a customized learning path for each member.


Online training for people and companies that are interested in Transforming themselves through Agility.

Skill Points

Finds the gaps of a team, and automatically creates a customized learning path for each member.


Identifies a team's Agility level and creates an Agile Radar for periodic monitoring with a focus on continuous improvement.


It assists with the day-to-day taking questions about Agility and suggesting themes for dynamics. A bot that learns and teaches.


Offers content through posts that show our daily lives, successful cases or not, among other things.

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