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My experience with the New Digital Program

My name is Gabriel and I am currently a fullstack developer at wBrain. And to get here I went through the New Digital Program. NDP is wBrain’s training program, this was its first edition and sponsored by FastProBR, a company specializing in contactless payment systems. There were 3 months of classes and a lot of knowledge exchange.

First of all, how did I get to the program? I don’t really remember where I saw the link I signed up for, but I had to do some tests. Both technical and cultural fit. A while passed and I got a call from an unknown number. I usually never answer numbers that I haven’t saved, but for this I gave it a chance. And what a luck, it was Fernando from wBrain warning me that I had been selected and that classes would start next week.

And how did the program work? From Monday to Friday we had live classes with content like UI / UX, Soft Skills, React, Node, Design Patterns and more. And being live was the biggest differentiator, we have the possibility to clear doubts on the spot and delve deeper, reaching contents that are not found in normal courses. In addition, classes were recorded if someone missed any.

But we are not only in classes. To test what we learned we had to do some projects. Among them, the most striking was the last, it was the most complete and complex. Unfortunately, in this project my group had a huge communication failure and in the end we didn’t have a complete product. At the time of introducing the staff, I wanted to give up because there was a quality gap between our project and that of the others. We didn’t have a complete product but it was minimally presentable because the user’s main journey was ready. So as nobody wanted to present it I presented it myself. Even though it was incomplete, I thought it was better to present something than to present nothing.

I was not employed at first as some of my colleagues were. But a few days passed and I received the proposal, we did interviews and in the end I was hired!

But, would it be worth it if I didn’t get the job in the end? Undoubtedly, it was possible to acquire absurd knowledge and networking, which outside the program would be very difficult to achieve.