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We help thousands of people in hundreds of organizations to develop skills to face an ever-changing world.

We boost your business by developing new skills through a unique experience.

We build a sustainable cycle of attracting, selecting, training and hiring people with the necessary knowledge and skills for the moment of your company.

A program to accelerate the development and validation of skills, fully connected to the culture and values of your company.

Why NDP?

The New Digital Program (NDP) was born from a partnership between two companies specialized in Agility, K21 and wbrain

Scale your learning

create personalized learning experiences and accelerate the attraction and integration of talent, new skills and cultural fit.

Powered by People

people need more than just content to develop new skills. They need to learn a new way of solving problems.


agile company that seeks to disseminate its culture and methodologies to companies that are interested in continuous improvement of their processes and results.


multinational born in Brazil in 2013, focused on the continuous evolution of people and businesses through training and consulting.

Results - 1st edition

In 3 months, 27 programmers developed their soft and hard skills through daily classes with professionals working in the market. 100% of students who completed the program got a new job or a replacement



40% women
60% men


different brazilian states

1 %

of those who completed switched jobs or got jobs during the program

Sponsored Edition

Sponsor invests the necessary amount for the edition to happen.

Defines the contents to be taught in the program

Participates in the Attraction / Selection process of candidates and instructors

Participates in the day-to-day program with the chance to get to know the students (future collaborators) in depth

Determines the learning assessment projects during the program, which can bring real problems to the company’s day-to-day

You don’t have to wait until the end of the program to allocate people to projects

No job risk during the program period *

Open edition

Open edition of the New Digital Program, the program team is responsible for the stages, process of attraction and selection of people and content to be taught.

At the end of the program, a business fair will be held where students will be introduced to participating companies who are interested in agreeing to pay a fee to the New Digital Program.

I was privileged to have the partnership of wbrain and K21 in the New Digital Program, a development program, in search of programmers for FASTPROBR. They showed excellence from the selection of candidates, with the interpersonal skills desired by our company, to the professionalization of young people according to the required technical fundamentals, especially taking into account the essential need for an innovative profile for the qualification of the professional. I can only be thankful for the enthusiasm in serious, focused and competent work. Certainly a reference in this segment and a social example for the transformation of lives through inclusion in the job market.

Alfredo Maruffa


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