Scrum? Kanban?
Before Mindset!

Before choosing the framework, know (or review) the concepts of Agile Mindset. If you – and your team – don’t have an agile culture, forget it! In this training you will have several examples to help you adopt agile in your day to day.

Agile Mindset

Why should I take this course?

The agilist market continues to grow and is looking for the best talents.

The secret of success

Learn from professionals who have real experience for adopting agile in large and small companies

Agile with a focus on results

Know everything you need to adopt agile in your day to day and know the benefits of continuous improvement

Exclusive content

All content is produced in partnership with Knowledge21, a reference in agility in Brazil and worldwide


Reach a level of agility that will expand your knowledge and open up new opportunities

for what

To be recognized as a member of an agile team, capable of implementing it as a production method that guarantees the quality of deliveries.

for whom

Professionals from all areas who wish to adopt continuous improvement processes through Agile on a daily basis.

how much time

We recommend a dedication of up to 6 hours to complete the course and you can divide this time as you wish.


At the end of the training you will receive a wbrain and K21 certificate (agility company most recognized by the market).

Agile Mindset

Learning Trail

Traditional methods and their limits

Traditional methods and their limits
The limits of traditional methods
The emergence of Agility

The Agile Manifesto and its values

The agile manifesto

The principles of Agility

The 12 principles of the Agile Manifesto

The advantages of Agility

The advantages of Agile Methods
Problems with traditional methods

Some Agile methods

The Umbrella of Agility
Lean and Kanban
Extreme Programming (XP)
Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM)
Feature-Driven Development (FDD)


Test your knowledge

R$ 199

This course is all in Portuguese

Common questions

The course consists of teaching materials in videos, pdfs, exercises and cases. We will also use the wbrain application to support activities.

You must complete this training within 6 hours. We recommend that you dedicate 1 hour of your day to finish in 6 days, but you can do as you prefer.

Although Agile was created to assist in software development, it can be applied in any market. We will cite examples of cases in companies of various sizes, from startup to multinational, in many segments, such as Education, Oil, Communication, among others.

This training is 100% online, allowing you to study anytime of the day anywhere.

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