The professionals best prepared for the digital transformation

We offer the best specialists, we support onboarding so that your culture is absorbed more quickly and we practice continuous improvement through a cycle of constant feedback, training and mentoring.

We help Transformation companies to have the right people in the right places

Count on wbrain to have the most prepared professionals on the market, the true agents of transformation.

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Agile Teams

Complete or hybrid teams for those who know the importance of Continuous Improvement in building high performance teams through Constant Feedback, Training and Mentoring.
Turnover: low.
Coordination cost: low.

Agile People

For those who know the importance of Continuous Improvement in people’s professional lives through Constant Training, Feedback and Mentoring.
Turnover: low.
Coordination cost: average.


For companies that are struggling to find the best professionals, Agility specialists, on the market.
Turnover: medium.
Coordination cost: high.

Body Shop?

We do not believe in this format of hiring “resources”. We believe in people and take care of them. If you prefer this model, please look for another company.
Turnover: high.
Coordination cost: high

Why wbrain

Find out why companies like Natura, Itaú, Gerdau, Whirpool and many others prefer wbrain.

We Care for People

We monitor the daily lives of our specialists on a weekly basis in your company and offer constant feedback, mentoring and training to allocate wBrain professionals.


We know in depth the agile universe, our community and its talents. We are active and specialized. We maintain a network of professionals in partnership with large companies.

Its Culture with Agile Seasoning

Immersion in the culture of your company starts in the first hours of work. We give full support to your Onboarding and add to it the wBrain Culture where we practice the values of Agility on a daily basis.

Large customers experience

We have already worked in teams of major partners, from different segments, such as Natura, Itaú, Gerdau, Whirpool, Alelo and others.

Agility Specialists

Regardless of the seniority of the professional to be allocated, everyone already has the culture of Agility in their veins and will be able to help in the adoption and evangelization of Agile in your company.

Powered By K21

We are a spin off of the company specialized in K21 agility. With a presence in several countries, it focuses on Business Agility and Agile Transformation.

Most people have had some unpleasant experience in their jobs. And as wbrain has a purpose of “empowering knowledge workers”, we are always taking care and working to have an environment that is within our values.

But we just wanted to take that out of our speech and be able to prove to everyone that this is all part of our day-to-day lives. But how? Once again giving voice to who is most important: the wbrainers.

And we did it, we were certified in GPTW. We are very happy because it is a collective achievement.

Great Place to Work® is a global consultancy that supports organizations to achieve better results through a culture of trust, high performance and innovation.

In addition to people,
we develop tools


Finds the gaps of a team, and automatically creates a customized learning path for each member.


Online training for people and companies that are interested in Transforming themselves through Agility.

Skill Points

Finds the gaps of a team, and automatically creates a customized learning path for each member.


Identifies a team's Agility level and creates an Agile Radar for periodic monitoring with a focus on continuous improvement.


It assists with the day-to-day taking questions about Agility and suggesting themes for dynamics. A bot that learns and teaches.


Offers content through posts that show our daily lives, successful cases or not, among other things.

What they say about wbrain

Wbrain is agile and uncomplicated. Search for the best people for your context, monitor, continuously improve, bring and receive constant feedback. An easy company to work with …

Renata Fiorante Veloni
Leader of Digital Transformation and HR Change Management at Banco Itaú Unibanco

They showed excellence from the selection of candidates, with the interpersonal skills desired by our company, to the professionalization of young people according to the required technical fundamentals …

Alfredo Maruffa

It has been a great pleasure to work with people committed to our purpose who are part of the wbrain team …

Fernanda Morato
Agility COE - Plat. Digital - Natura